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Kita Kawan

Sunday, 17 April 2011

it is not DIFFICULT but this is REAL.

before off to sleep.~
i'm missing someone now.seyesly.
long time not to see her.
not talk.not laugh.hmm. :(
im really missing her.very.

'adik'. what r u doing now??
i miss u laugh.u voice.u jokes to me.
and i still remember that u always likes to continue my sentence when im angry.
don't u?

hope can see u in the couple of month more.
insyaAllah. :)

the pinky one. :D

p/s: missing my bestfriend.'kakak2 tersayang'.him.and all my friends. :)
May Allah bless to pokcikk Seif Khales
sweet 18. :)

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